Liverpool Foundation Homes and Everton FC at 'The Great North'

Ethical housing development and stadium-led regeneration were the opening topics for Future Cities Forum at RIBA North this week. Mark Kitts, CEO of Liverpool Foundation Homes, the city council's new housing company, was joined by Everton FC board director Richard Kenyon and Iain Jenkinson, the Head of National Planning at CBRE, who is advising the premier league club on the Bramley-Moore Dock project.

Mark commented that Liverpool's housing crisis is different from many parts of the country:

'Many cities would give their right arm for a historic waterfront like Liverpool's but there are areas of deprivation around Anfield, Everton and Picton, and houses there need refurbishment, especially as so many are of pre-1914 stock. Foundation Homes has a remit to intervene on regeneration broadly to help skills and jobs