Pharmacy and AI

Take rising price pressures and increasing scrutiny of drug safety and efficacy, and you get pharmaceutical companies being forced to rethink how they operate, according to Deloitte.

Every year, the firm states, 'pharmaceutical companies receive hundreds of thousands of what are called 'Adverse Event' (AE) reports relating to their to their medicines. An AE is any untoward effect, sign or symptom associated with the use of a pharmaceutical product, which may or may not be related to the administered product'.

Following up with healthcare professions to understand their reported events is a legal requirement and as Deloitte explains ' for AstraZeneca, this was associated with lots of paperwork, including letters and emails to patients and physicians. The solution was to used Robotic Process Automation which uses software 'robots' to automate business processes.'

The firm worked with the pharmaceutical company to achieve this in just six weeks, delivering 20 times greater productivity, without increasing costs, compromising quality or jeopardi