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Designs on the new Hayward Gallery Cafe

How do we influence the success of shops, cafes and restaurants in and around our cultural institutions? What is it about the layout or decoration that makes visitors want to linger, spend time and part with their hard earned cash?

The new Hayward Gallery Café has been designed by award-winning architecture and design studio Softroom.

It uses a wallpaper design by the artist Giles Round whose work often references or deliberately 'misappropriates' elements from architectural and artistic movements of the 'near past' according to the gallery.

Round has drawn on the history and architecture of the gallery to create three decorative designs: Support (2018) features the concrete supports used across the Southbank Centre site; Shuttering (2018) sees the gallery's cast concrete panels brought together in a tartan-like grid; and in Hayward (2018) an image of the building's exterior is overlaid with bright geometric forms that echo its block-like construction.

Giles Round was born in 1976, and works across architecture, ceramics, design and print.

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