Weather patterns and renewable energy

The National Infrastructure Commission has published a new report, with research from the Met Office, indicating how our weather patterns might influence the drive towards renewable energy in the UK.

'Weather and Climate Related Sensitivities and Risks in a Highly Renewable UK Energy System: A Literature Review' was commissioned by the NIC, which is also separately undertaking a further Resilience Study. The latter is to consider what action government should take to ensure that the UK's infrastructure can cope with future changes, disruptions, shocks and accidents, including those resulting from climate change.

The Met Office reviewed the impact of a variety of extreme stress events, including very cold winters, highlighting the need for the intelligent deployment of renewables, combined with storage, demand management and the use of interconnectors, to maintain resilient energy supplies on which communities rely.

Increased innovation in forecasting techniques, the NIC suggests, could also play a crucial role in enabling energy companies to plan for extreme weather e