Oxwash - can a new city laundry service save the planet?

In the run up to our Cambridge 'Science Cities' forum, we have been looking at a range of innovations that could help cities save energy and money.

One company - Oxwash - claims that there has been no disruption in the laundry industry, for example, since the invention of the washing machine, so it has set about proving a business model that is not only eco but is exciting the interest of investors as well as hotel groups and city councils.

The laundry service is based in Oxford. Its CEO Kyle Grant is an ex-aerospace engineer who trained for two years at NASA and then worked on 'circular ecosystems' in capsules at Space-X. Looking a for a new challenge and fascinated by legacy businesses in need of new angles of thinking, he created Oxwash in 2017.

Kyle said: 'It's unusual to go from space engineering to washing machines but there are similarities. We base all of our technology on the washing process. Laundry (as an industry) has a circular model but it is inefficie