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Director of Infrastructure Delivery at the IPA speaks at our Oxford 'Science Cities' forum

Stephen Dance, Director of Infrastructure Delivery at the Infrastructure & Projects Authority will be our key speaker at our Oxford forum in April.

He leads a delivery team of commercial specialists that are deployed actively across government to provide advice, expertise and experience on the delivery of complex major projects including High Speed Two (HS2), Rural Broadband, Thames Tideway Tunnel, Mersey Bridge and Hinkley Point.

Our forum to be held at the new HB Allen Centre, Keble College, Oxford, which is building a reputation for high quality robotics research, follows on from our Cambridge event where we discussed the necessary infrastructure, transport, housing and talent attraction to maintain the strength of our leading science cities in the UK.

Stephen has more than 30 years experience in infrastructure projects and recently his focus has been on the delivery of the UK's critical economic infrastructure in transport, energy, water, waste and telecommunications, as well as the infrastructure to deliver urban regeneration and housing.

He is also a Non Executive Director of Local Partnerships. Previously, Stephen headed Partnerships UK's major projects division and whilst at DTZ advised on a broad range of real estate areas, ranging from the privatisation of BAA to complex transactions such as the BBC's property Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the sale of British Coal non mining assets.

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