Green recovery plan for West Midlands

An ambitious plan to help the West Midlands region recover from the economic impact of Covid-19 while making it a greener and healthier place to live and work has been given the go-ahead.

Future Cities Forum is looking forward to talking to Cllr Ian Courts, WMCA portfolio lead for environment and Leader of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council this week about the plans to tackle climate change and what shape 'prosperity' in the region will take.

The plan for a green recovery builds on an existing commitment to make the West Midlands carbon neutral by 2041. The strategy sets out how the West Midlands can rebuild the economy in a way that drives green and inclusive growth, so that all the region's diverse communities and the environment can benefit from the post-Covid 19 recovery.

The paper sets out a range of initiatives from small-scale through to potentially region-wide and complex schemes, that will be implemented over different timescales but starting now.

These include:

- retrofitting old and cold homes to make them more energy efficient and help tackle fuel poverty;

- accelerating the transition of the region's automotive industry to electric vehicles;