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Council submits plans for renewal of London's Ebury Bridge Estate

Plans for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Ebury Bridge Estate in the City of Westminster have been submitted to the Local Planning Authority. The estate is a Westminster City Council owned 1930's housing estate, situated on Ebury Bridge Road in Pimlico, London.

London's local councils began building housing estates in the 1890's, one of the first being constructed on the notorious Millbank prison site. The Ebury Bridge housing estate is built over the Grosvenor Canal which was progressively shortened to accommodate Victoria Station and new railway lines.

The submission of the applications follows extensive consultation with both the residents of Ebury Bridge estate and local neighbours, councillors and amenity groups. The planning application is formed of two parts: a detailed application for two buildings proposed to be constructed as the first phase of the development and an outline area application for the remainder of the master plan.

The details for the remaining blocks within the outline area will be developed through further community consultation.

The application proposes the development of 758 new homes of which over half will be affordable housing (including the replacement of the 197 existing social rent homes). New homes for sale and for rent are also proposed for the mixed tenure community. All proposed homes are to be built to high building standards including sustainable energy use, insulation and fire protection.

In addition, the application outlines new community facilities, public squares and shops set in a low car development.

The planning application is now undergoing formal statutory consultation.

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