Creating sustainable new settlements around science cities

(Pictured above at Newnham College Cambridge - from left: Julia Foster of David Lock Associates, Anna Strongman of Oxford University Development, Heather Fearfield of Future Cities Forum, Fred Pilbrow of Pilbrow & Partners, and Emma Cariaga of British Land with Martin Dougherty, COO of Wellcome Genome Campus in foreground)

We were very pleased that Julia Foster, Managing Partner at planning firm David Lock Associates was able to join our 'Science Cities and the Arc' forum at Newnham College, Cambridge, to speak about creating the sustainable developments and housing which are greatly needed in order to support the global success of Cambridge and other centres of high value R&D. She was was able to comment on the 'loose fit' planning of Waterbeach for Urban & Civic, which has planning consent for 6,500 new homes around a lake with four new schools on 716 acres six miles to the north of Cambridge, which she has been working on.

'It's a really important point to look at the difference between a framework and a series of local plans that are joined together. A framework can be flexible and it allows the local element to evolve. We can move and respond over a longer period of time without going back for approval for amendments. It's about getting the right level of certainty at the various tiers of planning. Waterbeach is a fine example of a significant strategic development in the absence of a strategic framework. It is very much supported by the local au