Kier Group sets Passivhaus standards for civic buildings

CGI of St. Sidwell's Point leisure centre in Exeter (Kier Construction)

We were delighted that Kier Group joined our 6th July ‘Sustainable Cities’ panel debate in our ‘Net Zero’ series as we move towards COP 26.

The discussion looked at how to build civic facilities to Passivhaus standards, the importance of influencing supply chains, the use of greener building materials and communicating with the end-users of buildings to maintain the long-term benefits of low carbon construction.

Kier has been commissioned to build a new leisure centre – St Sidwell’s Point – with two swimming pools in the middle of Exeter which is the first pool-leisure centre in the UK to be designed to Passivhaus standards. Procured through the Southern Construction Framework (SCF), it will replace an existing building and will incorporate a main swimming pool, a training pool, spectator area, café, fitness gym, health suite and spa facility. In order to achieve the stringent build criteria, Kier has worked closely with its subcontractors to deliver a ‘Passivhaus Passport’ training scheme, equipping staff with the knowledge and skills to meet these requirements.

St Sidwell’s Point is expected to attract 500,000 visits a year, twice the amount of the previous leisure facility. Due to the ultra-filtration, the pools will have exceptional water quality with minimal chemical content. The building has been modelled to withstand predicted changes in climate conditions up to 2080.