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Schulze plus Grassov

Based in Copenhagen, the architectural practice was set up by Oliver Schulze and Louise Grassov in 2013. It has a rapidly expanding portfolio of urban design projects in Denmark, Germany, the UK and USA. It is building a strong reputation as designers of choice for public space.

The practice is collaborating with some enlightened developers like Grosvenor Britain & Ireland which takes its stewardship of 300 acres of prime London real estate very seriously. This outlook of improving the cityscape not just for investors but for communities has led to the hiring of public realm designers like Schulze plus Grassov to create and recreate the sense of place and neighbourhood so that the city becomes a better place to live, work and relax. Grosvenor and the Copenhagen practice are now working on a twelve acre site in Bermondsey that was once home to the famous Peek Frean biscuit factory.

Grosvenor has been expanding its footprint beyond Belgravia, and can draw on wide experience of community developments in Barton (Oxford), Springfield Edinburgh, Liverpool and Cambridge. The £51 million deal in Bermondsey with Workspace will mean the transformation of two underused sites in South East London that sit between the rail corridor into London Bridge and the financial district and the River Thames. It is a vibrant area and home to the “Old Vic New Voices” community engagement project and the Construction Youth Trust.

However it has not had the investment and design attention that it deserves until now.

S+G has a very international portfolio of projects. This includes an Urban Design Framework for the research-led Washington University at St. Louis in the USA. Oliver has been leading on the work to transform the “suicide lanes” where the campus meets the city’s arterial Skinker Boulevard. It is being transformed into a multi modal movement street where pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars can co-exist, with new public gardens, side-walk cafes and restaurants. Phase one’s new lighting scheme and cycle lanes were completed in 2015.

In the Moscow neighbourhood of Vorontsovo Pole there is a major transformation taking place with new homes being built in the lush green urban area of old churches hard by the river Yausa. Louise Grassov and Oliver have designed a masterplan to increase the housing stock and create subsidised ground level workspaces for architects, designers and artists. It includes state of the art street design and a new neighbourhood square.

You can contact the practice at

You can view a Future Cities Forum interview with Oliver Schulze, with contributions from Grosvenor, Cambridge and Southampton City councils, here:

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