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Smart city lighting - safety and energy

Our city lighting is an important aspect of city safety but will smart technology also help us save on energy use?

Silver Spring Networks is a company with experience of introducing smart technology to help conserve energy use across the world.

At our sustainable cities and smart technology forum on 6th March, the firm’s European Commercial Director of Smart Cities and Lighting, Brian McGuigan will be speaking about his experience of introducing the company’s city lighting expertise to Bristol, Copenhagen and Paris.

The city of Copenhagen has taken to Silver Spring Networks' technology enthusiastically reducing its energy use in this area by 50%. Lights can dim when cyclists are waiting at traffic lights for instance and then use full energy to light the way when they are on the move again. But Brian says there are also challenges for smart cities to come:

‘The smart cities evolution is going to be the biggest challenge for mid-size cities. Typically these cities do not have a designated Chief Technology officer, whose role is the pull together and interpret all the data from separate sources, including traffic, power and water infrastructure’, says Brian. who has over a decade of experience in the smart energy, smart city and healthcare industries,

Prior to his role at Silver Spring Networks, he was the Director of Business Development for Onzo, the Director of Research and Design for Lightweight Medical Ltd and Element Zero Six, and a Product Design Engineer for Cardioprecision. Brian holds a Masters in Biomedical Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Engineering from the University of Strathclyde and a Bachelors in Product Design Engineering from the University of Glasgow & The Glasgow School of Art.

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