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Wetlands - public realm for London

Waltham Forest Council is transforming a historic reservoir area into an urban wetland nature reserve, in a size that is unprecedented for London.

For many decades the reservoirs owned by Thames Water have been inaccessible to London's population but now due to the Council's foresight and the partnership of the London Wildlife Trust, the 200 hectare urban oasis will be transformed into a recreational and educational facility for the adjoining boroughs.

The Victorian Engine House is being changed into a visitor centre containing café and terraces where people can learn about the environment.

The wetland nature reserve will see the creation of new reed beds to preserve water quality and maintain wildlife habitats. It remains one of Thames Water's biggest sources of supply for London's drinking water and is the largest fishery in the city. It is a sight of international importance for wildlife.

Head of Regeneration for Waltham Forest, Will Teasdale says 'the opening up of the wetlands as an amenity for the community will also be an attraction for property developers looking at projects on the fringes of the reserve.

Councilor Clare Coghill - Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and High Streets - will be discussing creating better public realm for London at our 6th March Forum. She stresses that it is essential for London's population to access and learn about wildlife.

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