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Deloitte and the housing crisis

Deloitte Real Estate's Head of Planning, John Adams will be joining us at our forum in March to be held at the IET, London.

He has wide experience working both with city and borough councils around the UK and the private sector. For this debate on meeting the UK's future housing needs, he will draw on the report Deloitte produced for British Land in 2016 - Meeting London's Future Needs - which set out a frame work of potential interventions to plan the future of the Capital's built environment.

This report - designed as recommendations to the Mayor of London - includes measures such as Land Use Zoning to achieve balanced housing delivery, planning at 'super city region' scale (which would afford the GLA greater influence across London's employment footprint in the wider South East and East of England) and a genuine public debate about the future shape of London.

John Adams added 'Through our research debates for the report we identified a remarkable consensus that London has reached a critical tipping point where bold decisions and interventions are required to create the capital's future homes and workplaces. The participants advocated visionary spatial planning along with coordinated public and private investment in infrastructure'.

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