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L&G Capital invests for regeneration

Head of Direct Investments, Laura Mason from L&G Capital has been talking at Future Cities Forum about the importance of city councils needing to lay the ground for investment in their regions. A collaborative approach with attention to community needs is a top priority for L&G Capital when deciding where to invest, Watch Laura's interview above with forum founder, Matthew Locke.

Joining Laura on the investment discussion panel at IET on 6th March in London was Professor Andrew Harrison from University of Wales Trinity Saint David discussing the need for universities to integrate well with businesses and to create agile campus spaces which can adapt quickly. Professor Harrison is frustrated as a spatial planner with architecture that creates silos of innovation. 'We need space that allows people to be collaborative', he said, citing the example of Christchurch re-building following the earthquake with container spaces, allowing a vibrant mix of entrepreneurship and retail business to flower. The current aim for the University is to create a series of pavilions for innovation in the port area of the city covering a 21 acre site, using container spaces which can embrace fin tech, health and well being and the creative industries.

Chief Officer Economy and Regeneration, Tom Bridges at Leeds City Council presented a compelling vision for current and future development for Leeds South Bank, which is shifting the whole axis of the city centre southwards.

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