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Sport - the key to healthy cities

It has long been generally agreed that those who take part in sport are the healthiest among the population and usually less prey to chronic diseases like diabetes. We will be discussing the topic of sport and its impact on the design of our future cities at our 'Healthy Cities' forum on 9th October.

Livepool has been working hard to make sport accessible to all in the city with the building of sports hubs to encourage young people into activity. The city's regenertion plan will be complete by the end of the year, with plans to protect exisiting green space and create high quality public realm around the new developments of Paddington Village and Liverpool Waters.

Mark Kitts, Assistant Director Regeneration from Liverpool City Council, says there are big plans ahead for sport in the city which will mean on-going regeneration and excellent facilties.

The Anfield area around Liverpool's football stadium is being improved to the value of £260 million with enlargement to the stadium itself, creating 1000 match-day new jobs, a brand new high street and 800 new homes.

Hear Mike speak about this exciting regeneration project and plans to work with Everton FC:

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