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Northern Powerhouse, transport and EY

EY is discussing the complex transport issues behind the Northern Powerhouse at our Healthy Cities Forum this Monday at The Crystal Building in London. The consulting firm has been working with Manchester's leadership to solve transport issues which are seen as essential for economic success and connectness as well as improving the health of the city's population.

Much of the work has focussed on the bus network to keep the population moving, However with over 40 bus companies competing to provide a reliable service, it has become confusing for the public to use. In Manchester four out of every five public transport journeys are made by bus. Unfortunately, with the growth in car use, pollution and congestion has had negative impacts on the health of the city population, therefore the bus provision is seen as an essential component of travel.

Following the passing of the Bus Services Act 2017 there is now scope for a new franchised system that will allow the Mayor Andy Burnham to decide on the routes, fares and the operation of buses throughout the city region – with private companies competing through procurement processes.

Transport expert Emma Bradshaw, from the Infrastructure and Public Sector team at EY, will be talking on the transport panel at 'Healthy Cities' about how smart technology will help to create a fully integrated transport system and extend out across the Northern Powerhouse region.

Recently Manchester was chosen by the Chinese company behind Mobike to implement its dockless bycicle provision within the city.

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