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Swansea: Tidal Lagoon Power responds to Budget silence on green energy

New Visitor Centre - Tidal Lagoon Power

Tidal Lagoon Power is waiting to hear from the Government on a response to the Hendry Review which is looking into whether a programme of UK tidal lagoons is in the national interest.

Following the autumn 2017 budget announcements on Wednesday, The Guardian Newspaper printed an article titled 'Dismay as tide turns against green energy', reporting that the company had been dealt a blow with the Chancellor revealing that 'there would be no new subsidies for clean power projects until 2025 at the earliest'.

However, TLP reacted to the budget statement with its own: “Back in its 2015 Budget statement, the Government recognised the significant potential of tidal lagoons for the UK and announced the start of contract negotiations for a pathfinder tidal lagoon at Swansea Bay. Two and a half years and one incredibly strong independent review later, we anticipate the Government will very shortly be in a position to conclude those negotiations.”

Last March, Alex Herbert, TLP's Head of Consents, spoke on a panel discussion at our Future Cities Forum held at The IET, London, along with Sheffield University and UK Water.

TLP described Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon as ' a vision of how Great Britain can replace part of our ageing power station fleet with low cost reliable power that also revitalises our industrial heartlands and coastal communities'.

Join us for our Energy and Infrastructure Forum in autumn 2018.

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