Benoy and the new face of retail

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Future Cities Forum is looking at the new face of retail in our cities and towns at our forum in January 2018, to ask what local inhabitants, visitors and tourists really want as food and entertainment destinations - good restaurants, cinema, art galleries and museums or street theatre?

One practice of London-based and multi-award winning architects, master planners, interior and graphic designers, Benoy, which works in the capital and internationally, should know.

Benoy's team is acknowledged as experts in Retail Design and Planning working on some of the world's most prestigious and significant retail destinations. Benoy describes the sector as complex and fascinating but importantly, evolving and its work on Westfield London set a new benchmark for retail design across Europe. The £1.6 million scheme with 150,000 square meters of retail, leisure and food is celebrated as an architectural and commercial success for London.