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Henry Moore 'Old Flo' returns to London

Cast of 'Old Flo' - Tate Britain

Henry Moore's 'Old Flo', with an estimated value of £18 million, is now on view in Cabot Square, London.

The famous bronze sculpture 'Draped Seated Woman', which weighs 1.6 tonnes and is 2.5 meters high, has made a triumphant return to the Capital from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

It was originally housed on the Stifford Estate in Stepney, after being purchased from Moore by the London County Council in 1962 as part of the inspirational Patronage of the Arts scheme.

Following a detailed and independent scoring process, including representatives of the Henry Moore Foundation, it was agreed that Canary Wharf Group, had set out the best plans to make 'Old Flo' accessible to residents while ensuring the security of the renowned sculpture, amid fears that it could be vandalised or stolen for its bronze metal value.

For the next five years, it will be positioned amongst Canary Wharf's public art collection that now comprises over 65 stand-alone sculptures, as well as pieces integrated in the fabric of the estate.

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