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Denmark's new cultural energy plant

Image courtesy of Dezeen Magazine

Copenhagen's new waste-to-energy plant currently under construction is to help the country win more medals at the next winter Olympics.

Sounds confusing? Not if you realise that this comes from the imagination of one of the world's most talented architects, Bjarke Ingels.

The Amager Resource Centre already provides recycled materials, electricity and district heating back to the residents of the city. The company says it now wants to offer a multi-functional, social and cultural facility with an emphasis on sustainability.

Apart from more green energy, ARC says, the city inhabitants will get first-class architecture and a new recreational facility. ARC currently delivers 150,000 households with energy, taking in waste from nearly 600,000 residents and businesses.

Bjarke himself claims that the 'smoke rings' that will blow out of the power plant are an environmental feature, aiding extraction measurements.

However, the attractive features are the recreational and play areas in the design along with the 31,000 square meter rooftop ski slope planned to create a reversal of fortune on the back of Denmark's disappointing previous winter Olympics record.

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