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Nissan joins Future Cities Forum

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Former senior civil servant, Peter Stephens, now Head of UK External and Government Affairs for Nissan will be speaking at our next Future Cities Forum conference, 'The Making of the Modern City' on 8th May at City Hall, London.

Last month, the new electric Nissan LEAF was named the '2018 World Green Car' at this year's New York International Auto Show. LEAF is the icon of of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company's vision for changing how cars are powered.

Nissan expects that electrified vehicles will make up 40% of the company's sales in Japan and Europe by 2022 and 50% by 2025. Concentrating on safety technologies, Nissan continues to develop autonomous technology towards 'hands-free, eyes-off' convenience. The company tested its first robo-vehicle, ride-hailing service called 'Easy Ride' earlier this month.

Peter is leading engagement with external stakeholders on a wide range of issues from ultra-low emission vehicles to business competitiveness.

Prior to joining Nissan in 2015, he was a senior civil servant at the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, most recently working on EU competitiveness issues. Previous roles included renewable energy, international trade, employment regulation and business financing. He started his career in the water industry, working in operational management and strategy development.

Nissan Sunderland Plant produces the 100% electric Nissan LEAF. Employment in the Nissan UK design studio along with sales and marketing operations totals more than 8,000.

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