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Mayfair and St James's balance new building technology with history

Investors in office buildings are having to adjust to a new type of customer who is looking for more flexibly designed work spaces, according to Mayfair Capital's Director of Business Development, James Lloyd. See the video clip above.

James discussed the way that Mayfair and other business districts in the UK are changing in character because of the demands from companies to rent offices that attract the new wave of talented workers, often from the creative industries.

Changes to buildings in North Mayfair are being brought about through new infrastructure plans by Crossrail. PLP Architects joined our latest research forum to show the design of new offices to be built above Bond Street Station which will act as an important traveller interchange from the North to Heathrow in the West.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that the character of St James's bordering the south of Mayfair may have to change due to new street furniture such as electric car charging stations. Martin Low, Director of the St James's Conservation Trust said that a positive technology development might be to provide visitors with trail apps through the area, so that they can enjoy the attractive streets and historic house facades.

Deputy Chairman of The Ritz and Chairman of the St James's Conservation Trust, Andrew Love, said that the historical look of the area must be protected in order to preserve the attraction for both shoppers and global tourists to this important cultural quarter. See the video clip of him speaking below.

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