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Mobility trials nudge passenger behaviour

The Director of Intelligent Mobility (UK & Europe) at SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins Business, Nathan Marsh has been speaking at our latest forum ‘The Making of the Modern City’.

The conference was held at City Hall, London on 8th May where the Chief Executive of the National Infrastructure Phil Graham gave our first presentation on the need for a joined up infrastructure and housing programme in the UK.

Other contributors at the forum included Savills, Legal & General Capital, TfL, Network Rail and Peabody.

Nathan joined the forum’s transport panel where Nissan and Manchester Airports Group discussed the current issues around electric vehicle adoption in the UK, the provision for electric charging points, the effect of Brexit on the car manufacturing workforce, creating better connected transport for marginalised groups, challenger transport models and government support for airport runways and expansion.

The SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins Business has been running an important trial in Manchester – ‘mobility as a service’ – where Nathan’s team has been putting hundreds of customer journeys through a platform that it has been developed, looking at how behaviours can be nudged with more choice and flexible pricing.

Nathan said: ‘For intelligent mobility to really take off we need to understand that it is a “journey” not an end state. We have inherited a modally silo-ed transport network and we now have no choice but to consider challenger business models. We cannot build our way out of congestion.’

Please view the video above of Nathan speaking at the conference.

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