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Middlesbrough taps new energy management

Mayor of Middlesbrough, David Budd, joined Future Cities Forum this month at City Hall for our conference titled 'The Making of the Modern City'. He debated with panel members from Tibbalds, TfL, Savills, and L&G Capital, 'New Models for Infrastructure-led regeneration'

Middlesbrough known as 'Ironopolis' in the Industrial Revolution, supplied iron and steel worldwide and was originally settled by Quakers. The town was laid out on a grid system and but the iron and steel magnates soon left the centre to live outside in leafier surroundings.

Today, the town is looking into new forms of energy to develop and to power its transport. Hydrogen is being used for example to run its' town centre buses. Although the town has suffered a population decline since the early 1960's, a more diverse economy involving education, retail, health and digital technologies, as well as energy, is being developed.

Watch David Budd in the above clip explain about the work of the development corporation which he believes is unique in the country in grappling with new forms of energy for industry.

South Tees Development Corporation is moving forward with massive regeneration plans, involving the 4,500 acre industrial area which includes the SSI Steelworks site. The area is the first Mayoral Development Corporation outside of London launched by Prime Minister Theresa May last year. It aims to generate 20,000 jobs over the next 25 years. it recently played host to a VIP delegation from Heathrow as part of its bid to become a logistics hub for the London airport's proposed expansion.

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