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Transport and housing - round table June 14

The round table will expand on the themes of 8 May “The Making of the Modern City” which debated infrastructure-led regeneration across UK cities. The 14 June event will cover transport issues in relation to housing provision and employment, including how we rebalance the UK economy through using infrastructure investment. Phil Graham, Chief Executive of the NIC at our May forum stressed the importance of policies joining up housing and infrastructure. The growing importance of intelligent mobility in city journeys, and the related impact on local economies, will underpin our discussions.

The theme of rebalancing will look at investment, collaboration and planning needed for the expansion of regional airports, with the addition of long haul routes to the USA, Far East and Middle East in order to ease the attraction of foreign capital, more skilled workers and the opening up of foreign markets – as well as taking the pressure off congested London Heathrow and Gatwick.

Investment in high speed rail, in electrifying existing lines and the improvement of secondary connecting lines will be discussed – particularly to airports and ports, as well as improving regional services to connect people to jobs in cities.

Future provision for freight transport and well-designed logistics hubs is vital, if UK cities are to adapt to new mobility models, denser building and last mile delivery networks. This is needed in order to respond efficiently and environmentally to the revolution in web commerce and online shopping.

The transformation of rail stations into workspace and retail hubs will be examined. These projects are core to creating both outstanding welcome points for business, tourism and residents, and making transport connections work seam-lessly in cities, with integrated, bus, tram, electric vehicle, cycling and walking provision. The discussion will also look at how new homes can developed alongside improved infrastructure.

Our 14 June round table on city regeneration, infrastructure and transport will take the debate further by asking the following questions:

  1. How do we ensure joined-up planning for new infrastructure and housing development?

  2. How should we balance investment in high speed rail with the important secondary routes that link to airports, ports, business parks and logistics hubs?

  3. What can be done now in the short to mid-term to upgrade connectivity between Norther power house cities?

  4. Where does investment need to go to rebalance the UK’s economy and connect regional cities and their industrial / business excellence clusters globally?

  5. What measures are being taken to protect our environment with the march on infrastructure?

  6. How are we measuring the social good of regeneration?

  7. iM is advancing, but will the government ensure that security concerns are addressed?

  8. Is there a proper plan for electric charging points and what will be the effect on our environment and the city landscape? Is the Grid ready?

  9. How do we incorporate industrial work spaces and logistics hubs to serve denser cities more effectively?

  10. How will we ensure design excellence at a human scale throughout new infrastructure creation?

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