Ministry of Housing and high street regeneration

Rachel Fisher, Deputy Director of Regeneration and Infrastructure at The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government , will be making the opening presentation at our October forum, 'City regeneration and place-making'. She was unable to attend our last forum due to unexpected family illness, but will now be appearing this autumn.

She has been invited to guest blog for us today and her words are shown below. Rachel highlights the importance of finding ways to support the modern high street, as well as improving productivity across the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford corridor.

Rachel Fisher writes:

'How do we create places that flourish? Who are the various actors involved in making that happen, and what are their motivations? These are some of the fundamental questions we need to think about when seeking to create cities of the future. In my work in the Cities and Local Growth Unit I am privileged to think about these issues from both ends of the spectrum, both in terms of creating new places, and also in how you support existing places to be the best they can be.

I’m currently leading the Government’s response into the future of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford growth corridor. In 2015 Government invited the National Infrastructure Commission to investigate what could improve the productivity of this already economically vibrant place. In short their report in 2017 came back with two key findings; firstly, investment in East-West connectivity through both road and rail infrastructure, and secondly significant housing growth, up to a million new homes by 2050.

At Autumn Budget 2017 the Government issued its initial response, committing to transpor