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GLA's Chief Resilience Officer speaks at our January 'Healthy Cities'

We are delighted that the GLA's Chief Resilience Officer, Dr Fiona Twycross, will be speaking at our 'Healthy Cities ' forum on 30th January 2018 at Apothecaries' Hall, London.

Healthy Cities are indeed resilient cities and our forum will look at how London and the UK, is meeting the housing needs for a diverse population, the strains on current infrastructure in the capital and the development of core train lines for the Northern Powerhouse along with how our health service and science research hubs are innovating in the face of current and future challenges, providing centres of excellence and boosting the UK economy.

It was announced a week ago that City Hall had formed a new partnership with 100 Resilient Cities pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation) to share ideas and design plans to tackle challenges, including a growing population, infrastructure and transport.

Fiona, who is also Deputy Mayor for Fire and Resilience, said

'London faces huge pressures in the future, including the impact of Brexit on our economy, a severe lack of affordable housing and the challenges of tackling serious violence on our streets. All of this is against a backdrop of a growing population in London and the challenges of ensuring we have the infrastructure to keep our capital the best city in the world.

'Resilience isn't just about emergencies and how we respond to them, it's about identifying the risks and putting together a range of measures to help us mitigate those while ensuring our frontline services and resources are directed while they are needed most.

'I am really pleased to be leading our resilience strategy and joining the 100 Resilient Cities project to learn from and work closely with other world cities like Paris and New York on some of the common challenges we face'.

Fiona has been on the London Assembly as a London-wide member since May 2012, and was re-elected in 2016. She is a member of the Assembly's Economy Committee and the Education Panel. Fiona is Deputy Leader of the London Assembly Labour Group.

She has long campaigned on the issue of Food Poverty, has led an investigation into the lack of diversity in apprenticeships, been vocal on representing Londoners and London's businesses on Brexit, has raised issues of low pay, equal pay and the gig economy.

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