Our London City Hall Forum 2019

We will be back at City Hall, London on 26th June this year to run our regeneration, planning, transport and energy conference. This will be an important year for the UK in terms of developing vital infrastructure for economic advancement and social cohesion, providing homes to solve the housing crisis integrated into city regeneration, and harnessing the benefits of green energy.

Claire Perry MP, Minister of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) spoke with the Sustainable Energy Association in December about the need to maintain momentum on climate action with the aim to be more ambitious and innovative. She highlighted the UK Government's work on the Buildings Mission with two milestone documents setting out 'the next steps for heat in buildings off the gas grid and for heat networks'.

Last year at our May City Hall event, the Chief Executive of the NIC, Phil Graham made our opening speech on the need for joined-up infrastructure and housing. In December, the Commission warned that Whitehall and Town Halls should offer greater support to efforts to meet people's growing demands for fast deliveries while also reducing congestion and carbon emissions.