Stanton Williams to speak on the new Museum of London

We are delighted that Paul Williams, Director of architectural practice Stanton Williams will be speaking at our 'Art and Cities' forum in April at the Goldmiths' Hall, City of London. Paul is leading the creation of the new Museum of London and will also be speaking on work carried out to connect the Royal Opera House, London with its surrounding environment and community.

The Museum of London is moving because of lack of space from its current site at London Wall to West Smithfield. The museum's new home includes the Smithfield General Market. The buildings were designed by Sir Horace Jones with the Meat Market the first to be completed in the 1860s. Over the century, the buildings fell into disrepair and modifications are taking place to turn the market into a museum. The vision for the new museum aims to balance a crisp and contemporary design with a strong recognition of the physicality and power of the existing spaces of the site.

The Royal Opera House's extensively redesigned Linbury Theatre opened this year with a new contemporary programme - including 'The Monstrous Child', an opera by British composer Gavin Higgins.

Transformed by Stanton Williams and a team of 30 contractors, this famous opera house has turned itself into a multifaceted, inclusive cultural and social hub. Taking over three years to complete, the project balances the desire to attract new audiences for ballet and opera with the need to respect the ROH's heritage and unique character, only minimal changes being made to the EM Barry design of 1858.

Stanton William's key move has been to extensively reconfigure the previously restricted ground floor to provide 50% more foyer space, in tandem with a redesign of the Bow Street and Covent Garden piazza entrances. This creates greater street presence and tra