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Innovation Birmingham at Future Cities Forum

We are very pleased to announce that the CEO of Innovation Birmingham, Dr David Hardman MBE will be speaking at our 'science cities' forum to be held in November at Cambridge University. We will be discussing the best strategies for creating world leading science knowledge hubs.

David has had a twenty year plus career in knowledge transfer, using his expertise and interests to promote the development and success of cross-sector knowledge based businesses.

He started his career as a PHD micro-biologist, working on the applications of microbes in what is now known as 'clean technology'. In 1992 he co-founded a start-up biotech venture, based on the application of biocatalysts to the paper industry.

In 1998 David moved to the Babraham Institute, the world class bioscience research institution in Cambridge to lead a new Commercial Affairs Office, which developed into a wholly owned trading subsidiary, Babraham Biotech Technologies.

David was then invited In 2008 to move to Birmingham to develop a new strategy to build on the legacy of the Aston Science Park (then the third largest in the UK). He has led and developed the growth of the Innovation Birmingham campus to become an urban focal point for promoting digital innovation across all sectors. The campus is home to over 150 early stage and start-up businesses.

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