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Foster + Partners' innovative hospital design in Shanghai

A new approach to design challenges around the 'traditional' hospital model is being taken forward by leading architecture firm, Foster + Partners. Its aim is to provide 'value-based, patient centre healthcare' that will enhance recovery times and retain the best medical professionals.

Luye Medical, Cleveland Clinic and Foster+Partners are coming together to create a new state-of-the-art general medical hospital in Shanghai's New Hong Qiao International Medical Centre (IMC) campus.

Future Cities Forum will be holding conference discussions at Cambridge University in November along with workshops to look at new environments, design and planning for healthcare in the UK and will refer to leading examples internationally. The Chief Executive of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Bruno Holthof, will be speaking along side the Director of the Office for Life Sciences, Tamsin Berry, to explore this important area.

Ben Scott, Partner, Foster + Partners said 'The Shanghai Luye Lilan Hospital offers an opportunity to create a new world-leading blueprint for healthcare in the future, integrating latest technology and patient-centric care in a flexible facility that is immersed in nature'.

The building is surrounded by a rich landscape and flooded with natural light. Its comparative low height offers a more intimate and domestic scale allowing patients to feel at home and better connected with the surrounding greenery. A central circulation hub with a full height open atrium makes wayfinding intuitive and reduces travel times for patients and staff. The building form lends itself to modular planning - the functions and spaces assigned to them are interchangeable, allowing for flexibility to adapt to future changes in the building layout and the integration of new technology.

The hospital will establish world-leading clinical specialities such as cardiology, urology, digestive disease and oncology. The building design will promote collaboration between the different departments by integrating social spaces that encourage chance encounters and knowledge sharing between staff as well as providing dedicated areas for staff research and learning.

Join us on 20 November at Newnham College for this exciting Cambridge forum with high level discussions and networking.

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