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New research to help cut emissions from construction and infrastructure

A new report published by C40 Cities, Arup and the University of Leeds called 'Building and Infrastructure Consumption Emissions' urges action in six key areas to reduce the climate impact of construction in cities.

The report reveals that changes to the construction industry could cut the emissions generated from buildings and infrastructure in cities 44% by 2050.

As well as reducing GHG emissions, the research reveals the additional economic, social and health benefits that 'clean' construction could generate. The interventions identified in the research would reduce air and noise pollution, providing health benefits for citizens and the environment. They would also spark change within the growing construction economy, providing opportunities for new jobs and skills.

Ben Smith, Arup's Director in Energy, Cities and Climate Change said:

'Our research shows that there are significant opportunities to act, but we need to rethink the way buildings and infrastructure are delivered. Making that change a reality will rely on working with all those with responsibility for delivering development.

'We believe that the construction sector can embrace this change, if it invests in necessary skills and training and seeks to promote innovation'.

Future Cities Forum will be tackling this this important issue at our Cambridge forum in November.

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