Behaviour and future transport use in crisis-hit cities

At this time when city councils, infrastructure operators and investors are likely to be re-assessing plans for future transport, due to the way Covid-19 has created changes to how people work and travel, Future Cities Forum spoke to Immense - the firm providing a simulation platform for future mobility systems.

Solutions Director, Dave Williams at the Milton Keynes-based company described the current approach:

'Immense is involved in emerging transport technologies and these projects, using simulations modelling, include how to deploy and manage an autonomous ride sharing service within parts of the UK. While we have traditionally looked at passenger fleet models and management we are now looking at how we apply our technology platform to help national logistics and key worker transport. As engineers by training we are naturally drawn to looking at solving problems which could help society cope and function better in a crisis'.

'Distance, volume, trip lengths, mode - things that are fundamental to how we model transport systems are not the same as they were a few weeks ago. The future is complex and uncertain. Any model that claims to have &#x