Hopes rest on The Box to boost Plymouth's economic recovery

CGI of the Box arts centre in Plymouth - which combines St Luke's church (on right) with the transformed and extended Central Library and City Museum buildings

Plymouth City Council has announced that the new arts centre, The Box, will open its doors in September having postponed its launch in May due to Covid-19.

The Box is the largest multi-disciplinary arts and heritage space to open in the UK in 2020. The council says it is a large part of the city's 'Resurgam' programme, symbolising Plymouth's recovery and helping to set the direction for positive change in the local economy.

Originally three separate buildings, the ground-breaking design of The Box has completely transformed, extended and combined Plymouth's former City Museum and Art Gallery, Central Library building and St Luke's Church to create a cutting-edge, interactive cultural centre with 13 new galleries and exhibition spaces, a striking elevated archive, learning and research facilities and a brand new public square.

The Box will open with three major exhibitions:

'Mayflower 400: Legend and Legacy' is the largest commemorative Mayflower exhibition in history and will include over 300 objects, being co-curated with the Wampanoag Native American Advisory Committee.

'Making It' is an international contem