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ARC Group joins Future Cities Forum's Lambeth Palace event

Above: Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, one of the UK's most important research clusters for energy, health, space and quantum computing. Harwell is 50% owned by ARC Group.

Future Cities Forum is delighted that Dan Pagella, Senior Director, Asset Management, ARC Group (Advanced Research Clusters) is joining our May forum at Lambeth Palace Library to discuss the evolution of arts and science districts. ARC currently manages clusters in Harwell, Oxfordshire, Cowley (Oxford), Uxbridge and West London.

Dan is responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of ARC’s Business Plan at asset level. He brings a particular passion for creating and managing collaborative, engaging environments that attract and retain the brightest minds needed to achieve the commercial and scientific ambitions of ARC’s members.

He has over 20 years’ experience of delivering complex, varied and constrained projects with a broad range of stakeholders and interested parties. His experience ranges from managing the continued delivery of a 20-year masterplan for the provision of over 4 million square feet of employment space alongside education, housing, healthcare, and retail facilities, to the creation of serviced office and incubator laboratory concepts for Arlington and ARC respectively.

ARC’s says its' approach to managing open innovation clusters is based on building collaboration and fostering creativity. The Group's place-based clusters concentrate innovation while remaining part of wider ecosystems that include universities like Oxford, hospitals like Chelsea and Westminster, and even city-size knowledge economies like London.

ARC was created by Brookfield, a leading global alternative asset manager with over $690 billion in assets under management, including over $250 billion of real estate assets. Brookfield has over 120 years’ experience in owning and operating assets with a focus on real estate, renewable power, infrastructure, and private equity.

Brookfield's investment gives ARC the financial backing to tackle projects of significant scale, execute its business plan swiftly and ensure each and every project is delivered to the highest possible standard.


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