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BDP and Bristol's Old Market Quarter

Above: section from BDP's design for redevelopment of the Midland Road housing site in Bristol

BDP has been named among five finalists in a design competition for the redevelopment of a site on Midland Road in Bristol's historic Old Market Quarter. This prestigious competition features a lineup of distinguished firms from the Bristol area, adding a layer of local intrigue to the designs.

This two-phase competition is in pursuit of visionary and forward-thinking proposals to rejuvenate a constrained brownfield site located to the north of the iconic Bristol Temple Meads station. The challenge is to bring forward the most inspiring design for a ground-breaking, 100% affordable housing development, incorporating approximately 70 residences that will significantly redefine the urban landscape.

Part of Bristol Housing Festival, the competition is supported by Brighter Places, the city's foremost independent housing association. The shortlisted design concepts seamlessly integrate with the local context, prioritise sustainability for future residents, and align harmoniously with the city's climate goals. Adam Darby, Associate Architect, explains BDP’s design: “Our climate positive scheme is designed around the needs of Bristol’s residents. Our use of sustainable principles will have a positive effect on the health of the people who live there and on their day-to-day quality of life.

“We are so happy to see our design shortlisted. Healthy buildings, which are safe, warm and affordable to run, mean happy residents with a strong sense of belonging. The design principles we are proposing within our competition entry for Midland Road set a precedent for future affordable, healthy housing in Bristol and we are excited to see the outcome of the competition.”

The winning entry will assume responsibility for the commission encompassing RIBA stage 3 and a comprehensive planning submission. The winner will be announced in December 2023.


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