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BDP progresses Indonesian green port plan

Patimban New City master-plan (Image courtesy BDP)

BDP has been appointed to design a 528-hectare, mixed-use, waterfront development masterplan in Patimban New City, Indonesia.

Commissioned by JICA for the West Java Government, a multidisciplinary team from BDP, Nippon Koel and AMO (Aarunya Mitra Optima) has created a new city-scale development plan on a flood-prone site, between mangrove forests and Patimban port in Subang, West Java. The sustainable masterplan aims to unlock the commercial potential of the area and create a resilient, ecological and prosperous waterfront city which promotes a symbiotic relationship between its communities, local ecology and the built environment.

The plan adopts a forward-thinking, city-wide green infrastructure network strategy featuring components which promote sustainable communities and enhance biodiversity. Interventions include rain gardens, green roofs, attenuation ponds and tanks, bio-retention swales, wetland filtration beds, open parks, porous hard surfaces, floating planting and aeration systems. Combined with conservation and community stewardship opportunities identified with the local authorities, the scheme will holistically enhance the ecology and flood-resiliency of the site.

Jeremy Farrington, principal and Singapore studio lead, said:

'Patimban New City will be a leading example of a sustainable maritime city that demonstrates innovative urban development and progressive placemaking. Urban development needs to address challenges posed by climate change and habitat loss and we are delighted to be a part of a project that celebrates a new standard of waterfront living in Indonesia, where communities and nature will thrive side by side.

'It is this kind of innovative masterplan with the incorporation of green infrastructure interventions that is stimulating more sustainable design across the globe, reducing the risks of climate change and environmental degradation and ultimately improving quality of life for all. By incorporating city-scale green infrastructure into this plan, we will create a beautiful and natural place to live, work and visit whilst offering sensitive and intelligent solutions for better storm water management and creative, health and wellbeing programmes for the community. This plan will revitalise the area into a rich and engaging place that echoes the biodiversity of waterfront Indonesia.

Indonesia has planned the development and upgrade of several ports and port 'hubs' across the country. Patimban port was identifed as one such area that would be developed to create new communities and to include measures that mitigate against, and adapt, to the effects of climate change. Our plan is also part of a wider strategic redevelopment that will shift the logistics pressures from industrial areas of Indonesia to under developed locations across the archipelago.


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