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BDP's permeable design for Shanghai life science research campus

Above: image of CTTG's new HQ in Shanghai (courtesy BDP)

The groundbreaking ceremony for Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group’s (CTTQ) new headquarters in Hongqiao, Shanghai, has taken place.

Designed by BDP, the striking new development creates a smart and environmentally friendly workplace, comprising two research and development centres, an administrative building, a conference centre and residential apartments.

Central to the design was the establishment of a permeable life science research campus, which is open to the public. User-friendliness and practicality inform the design, with workspaces strategically placed around a central heart space, offering flexibility and vitality.

The design for the two R&D centres divides and distributes the building forms to create a spacious, open campus. Large open areas interconnect the facility’s spaces and amenities, enhancing circulation and promoting workplace wellbeing. Internal and external activity areas allow users to relax and enjoy the outdoor environment.

BDP’s Architect Director, Tianyi Gu said: “By reflecting CTTQ’s values and identity, the design of this brilliant new building maximises the efficiency of work and design, and improves the wellbeing of employees and end-users. It also benefits the community and creates a new landmark for the city.”

In further news, BDP has been appointed to work on two innovative designs at the MiZa project, an emerging mixed-use, urban innovation hub in Abu Dhabi. The project aims to transform Mina Zayed into Abu Dhabi's design, art, and technology district, seamlessly blending heritage with cutting edge concepts by harnessing the potential of existing warehouse structures and urban architecture.

Located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, Mina Zayed boasts a rich historical, cultural, and geographical significance. For decades, it has been a bustling centre of trade and exchange, where traditional markets have thrived along the water's edge. BDP's primary role is to design two distinctive spaces within the MiZa masterplan: MAKE and SEAF.

MAKE, an innovation maker space, is poised to become a hub for creativity and innovation. It represents a significant step towards embracing cross disciplinary collaboration, as it provides a platform for diverse minds to converge, transcending industry boundaries and fostering unique perspectives.

SEAF, an artist university, stands as a beacon of artistic expression and learning. It is a space where art, creativity, and education unite to nurture talent and promote original thinking. SEAF's mission aligns seamlessly with MiZa's goal of promoting a holistic approach to innovation, art and discovery.

Craig Howard, Architect Director and MENA studio lead at BDP, said: "The MiZa project will create a place that embodies the essence of creativity in the UAE. Our role within the project exhibits our commitment to redefining the future of urban spaces in Abu Dhabi. As designers and creatives ourselves, we understand exactly what it takes to make the best, most sustainable places that work for the artists who will use them. We are sure that MAKE and SEAF, will work together to converge tradition and innovation and lay the foundation for a new, dynamic design, art, and technology district in the emirate.”

Below: one of the spaces in the MiZa master-plan, Abu Dhabi (BDP)

Image: courtesy BDP.


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