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British Land to join our 'UK Innovation Cities' forum

Image: Tim Haddon, British Land, courtesy of British Land

Future Cities Forum is delighted that Tim Hadden, Head of Asset Management - Paddington, Ealing and Office Stand-alone Porfolio, British Land, will be joining our 'UK Innovation Cities' forum next week in Paddington, London.

Tim joined British Land in 2011, and is responsible for the overall strategy and performance of Paddington Central. As well as working closely with the development and leasing teams, Tim takes ownership of all asset management initiatives. He also takes responsibility for running the repurposing of Ealing Broadway and British Land's stand-alone office assets in the West End, Norton Folgate and Cambridge.

Prior to joining British Land, Tim spent 10 years at a fund management business, with a multifaceted role covering fund strategy, investment and asset management across all asset classes throughout the UK.

The Paddington Partnership is a voluntary grouping of the main developers and companies in Paddington, working to regenerate, promote and connect across the area.

  • Public realm projects aim to make Paddington more welcoming and accessible for people who live, work and go to school here.

  • Estates and campuses within the Partnership area, such as Paddington Central and Merchant Square have lively and engaging events programmes all year round. The Partnership’s popular Explore Paddington magazine and Eating Out Guide is accompanied by regularly updated maps and trails for all to use.

  • The Partnership’s Community Programme connects companies with charities, social enterprises and schools to ensure that local communities benefit from continued growth and investment, through volunteering, team challenges and long term partnerships.

As one of London's Opportunity Areas, Paddington continues to be the largest area of growth within the City of Westminster, and is already home to major national and global headquarters.

Over 20 separate development schemes across 80 acres make up Paddington, with a development period spanning more than 20 years. It is a complicated location and for that reason we focus on the issues affecting Paddington on behalf of our partners, and act as the front door for enquiries.


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