Bruntwood Sci-tech joins our Future Cities Forum in Cambridge this autumn

Future Cities Forum is delighted that Dr David Hardman, Managing Director of Bruntwood SciTech - Birmingham, will join our 'Science Cities' physical forum in Cambridge in October. He will be speaking about future development and the need for connectivity between knowledge hubs and the wider city and its social and business communities.

David's career over the last twenty-five years has been in knowledge transfer; working at the interface between applied research and commercial application and exploitation. His expertise and interests are directed at creating appropriate partnerships and infrastructures to promote the development and success of cross sectorial knowledge-based businesses. He started out as a PhD microbiologist, with research interests in the application of microbes in what is now described as 'clean technology'. In 1992 co-founded and led a start-up biotech venture and this experience developed into a wider interest in the translation of science into good and applicable technologies. Following 10 years in Cambridge leading the early commercial development of the Babr