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Join our first 'Science cities' discussion of the autumn

Above: Image of Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel from Barts Life Sciences

Future Cities Forum will be holding its first 'Science Cities' forum of the autumn in the City of London, gathering together leaders involved in the planning of new science districts. As part of the event, it is delighted to welcome Sven Bunn, Programme Director for Barts Life Sciences, which is a joint initiative between Queen Mary University of London and Barts Health NHS Trust..

Sven Bunn is a programme director with substantial experience in strategic and operational management, complex programme management and business development. He has held a number of senior roles in the NHS and prior to his role as head of the Barts Life Sciences programme he was Director of the Barts Health Whitechapel Development Programme and the Deputy Director of Strategy at Barts Health.

A new science district is being planned for Whitechapel, adjacent to the Royal London Hospital and Queen Mary University of London's Whitechapel campus. The Trust aims to transform the future of healthcare, not only for the people of London and the UK, but globally:

'Our ultimate ambition is to build a new life sciences campus that will provide a space for our researchers, scientists and clinicians to work directly alongside businesses and entrepreneurs, creating the healthcare solutions of tomorrow. This will allow us to share ground-breaking ideas, develop new ways of working, improve health outcomes and reduce the costs faced by health systems.

'Based in east London, we provide access to expertise and resources at the one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK, with the global gene pool on our doorstep.

'Our vision, made possible through this transformative partnership, is to create an ecosystem that will:

  • Accelerate, with confidence and safety, research and development through the innovation chain from the bench to the patient.

  • Reduce health inequalities and transform patient care in East London and the wider UK.

  • Create a sustainable NHS which will be recognised as world-leading in prevention, prediction and precision health care.'

Sven will be joined by investors, developers, architects and planners to discuss the future for the design and management of new science and healthcare campuses, the factors that will attract companies to move in to take up workspace and lab facilities, and how London's vision for this area compares to both international and regional city investment for life sciences innovation.


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