New models for R&D real estate and communities

Panel at Newnham Cambridge discussing measures to create new housing to support Oxford and Cambridge's world leading life sciences clusters (L to R: CBRE's Chris Williams, Jo Cowen of Jo Cowen Architects, Cllr Bridget Smith - Leader of South Cambridgeshire Council - and Dr Jason Matthews, Matthews & Sadler Estates for Oxford North)

As the Chancellor announces a firm road map for government funding of science R&D for the UK (increasing to £22 billion by 2026 / 7), Future Cities Forum asks the question about how to develop enough built R&D space and laboratories in and around our over-heating science cities?

At Future Cities Forum's 'Science Cities' event at Cambridge University in October, we discussed not only the development of the OxCam Arc but also the future design of science parks, where real estate is at a premium and how younger start-ups can be included. CBRE, BioMed Realty and Oxford North (Thomas White Oxford / Matthews & Sadler Estates) all spoke of the reputation of the academic prowess of Cambridge and Oxford, that was a major attractor behind the demand for lab, office and housing space.

BioMed Realty's Head of Leasing, Matt Smith, described how post pandemic there is now increasing amounts of venture capital funding being directed at the life sciences and technology sectors.