Oslo's new museum design is driven by climate concerns

Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway (Photo credit: Einar Aslaksen)

It has been an important weekend for Spanish architecture practice Estudio Herreros with the opening of their new museum building, the Munch museum in Oslo, Norway. An impressive set of exhibitions and events are due to entice the public into exploring the unique setting for artworks by the country's most celebrated artist, Edvard Munch.

The foundations for the new museum building were laid in 2016, the museum leaders say, after much debate about both design and location. The design is based on the idea of a tower-shaped museum. Sixty meters in height with a leaning top section, it is clad in recycled, perforated aluminium panels of varying degrees of translucency and is a highly visible landmark on all sides.

The museum reports that the architects hope that the building will establish strong links between the regeneration of the surrounding urban area and Edvard Munch's art.