Scott Brownrigg's new housing for well-being

CGI of proposed modular self-build housing at Hamsey Lake, South Chailey, Sussex (Scott Brownrigg for E&A Strategic Land)

The building of energy efficient homes, that both save on carbon emissions and create well-being, is a constant topic of discussion at Future Cities Forum and will feature in our Cambridge ‘Science Cities’ forum this autumn.

How can architects and planners use the natural environment to enrich the living experience of future home-owners?

Scott Browrigg has now announced that its Hamsey Lake project for E&A Strategic Land has received outline planning approval.

The 12 modular self-build plots will be located strategically around Hamsey Lake, South Chailey, near Lewes, providing an opportunity for future plot-owners to build their own homes, under the guidelines of the Design Code it has prepared. It will also allow the residents to create energy efficient