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Museums as a city regenerator

Top developers, city councils and architects are increasingly aware of the stimulus that top museums can provide for city regeneration.

Tate Modern's new Switch building has been specifically designed to connect in a physical way with the communities of South London. Donald Hyslop, Head of Regeneration at the museum said that led the plan to build in brick as a counterpoint to the 'glass towers' of the City of London over the river.

Oxford has always enjoyed a beautiful cityscape but it has lacked public spaces and so the city council has pushed the developers of the revamped Westgate Shopping Centre to produce two new squares and an extensive roof scape of restaurants and viewing platforms.

Stanhope PLC is expanding its influence on the thoughtful mixed-use development of London's outer town centres, while Colchester Borough Council is using its heritage assets to attract both visitors and a new wave of digital and design companies.

Watch a section of our Future Cities Forum 2 debate above, It begins with Dan Burr, Partner of Sheppard Robson talking about the value of mixed-use developments.

The Switch Building at Tate Modern

Tate Modern Switch Building by Herzog and De Meuron (Image courtesy of Lobster Pictures Ltd)

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