Native Land raises the bar for quality with beautiful craftsmanship

Talking to developer Native Land, it has become clear that the word 'luxury' when used to describe high-end developments in London, is not really the right term and in some senses the story of quality build has not been told correctly in the media.

Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Gray came to our third Future Cities Forum to voice a more nuanced understanding of how Native Land's development projects have been creating better living environments, more social housing and supporting public art.

Native Land is an internationally recognised property development and investment company specialising in high quality residential and mixed use developments in central London and Nick was keen to talk about the standard of craftsmanship seen in their projects. His preferred discussion has a focus on the words, 'fresh', 'understated' and 'discretion'.

Watch Nick's viewpoint here:

However, in partnership with the capital's Housing Associations, Native Land has also delivered and made contributions to the development of 185 mixed tenure affordable homes across London with 97 more in the pipeline. It has made £11 million in contributions to the London Borough of Southwark alone and there is a further development of £6 million for social housing for Westminster City Council in its' Mayfair development, Burlington Gate.