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Healthy Cities - changing behaviour around transport

Transport specialist, Susan Claris of Arup will be speaking at our Healthy Cities event on 9th October 2017 at Siemens' Crystal Building in Royal Victoria Docks, London.

Susan who has worked for Arup for twenty years, has in recent times undertaken research on urbanisation for the firm's 'Drivers of Change' programme and also research on urban mobility for the World Economic Forum.

Additionally she has worked with the C40 Cities on a programme of UrbanLife workshops to address climate change and the UK Government on low emission vehcles.

Her current work is with local authorities looking at how transport can help shape more liveable cities and towns. She is an advocate of short trials of new transport measures and says:

'If you want to introduce changes like new transport measures, then a trial is a great way to go about it. It helps people to see the full impact of the change, and unlike permanent changes, it can often be done quickly and cheaply without out a prolonged consultation one suburb in South Korea (Suwon) cars were banned for a month to simulate a low carbon future. Then when cars were re-introduced, residents asked for much lower speed limits and more restrictions on parking'.

Susan will be explaining more about the thought leadership she producers for Arup on transport at our October event with examples of change taking place worldwide.

Beyond her work at Arup, she is also a Trustee of Living Streets, a charity working to create safe, attractive streets where pedestrians can enjoy walking.

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