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EY and Arup on health-focused transport strategies for cities

Emma Bradshaw, a smart transport expert from EY's Infrastructure and Public Sector team, explained the transport challenges facing Manchester at Healthy Cities on 9th October 2017.

She joined Transport for London's Head of Strategy, Lilli Matson, Robin Cooper of Newham Council and Arup's Susan Claris (below).

Watch the video above where she talks about the Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham's work to regulate and modernise the bus services helping local people keep on the move, while reducing congestion and pollution.

Susan Claris, Transport Planner for Arup and Trustee for the charity, ‘Living Streets’ continued the debate by saying that we all have a role to play in improving our cities by making them more walkable. In particular, she thinks business can have a great impact in encouraging employees to meet healthy targets.

‘Employers can make walking a priority for staff by flagging up a ‘daily mile’ and providing routes for staff to exercise along perhaps during their lunch hour', Susan suggests.

'This and other activities can pay dividends for businesses through tackling physical inactivity and mental stress. Improved creativity is one benefit by which companies can measure results. Over 9,000 people die from inactivity alone in the UK’, she warns.

Watch Susan’s video to find out more about the pressing issues around walkability in our cities.

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