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Gloucester City Council supports developers over risk

Gloucester City Council, under the leadership of Cllr Paul James, is developing its plan for the building of new homes in the city centre while providing a cultural offering that mixes the historic - centred on a world class Gothic cathedral that starred in the Harry Potter films - with the contemporary.

Antony Hodge, Head of Place, says the council works very closely with developers, supporting them with cash flow for example and this has been the key to success:

'With heritage comes risk and risk equals cost. Developers are often wary of the viability gap. So we have found innovative ways to help with cash flow and with the input of the Home and Communities Agency towards success' Antony added.

The Bakers Quay scheme Antony says is a really good example of helping the developer to secure a site. The development by Rokeby Merchant is now up and running and delivering sales of properties.

The developer, Anthony confirms, is now confident enough to take on two grade 2 listed warehouses, including Provender Mill, which is a more complicated and risky project.

Gloucester is also due to benefit from a £7.5 m bus station rebuilding which will link to the railway station, and provide an upgraded welcome point for visitors who come to view the medieval cathedral and cloisters, the historic centre, and the modern shopping around the regenerated docks. Please watch Antony discuss regeneration in the video above.

Since recording this interview Anthony Hodge has moved onto Staffordshire County Council to become Commissioner for Business and the Enterprise County.

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